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PC/Laptop Repair

We repair and upgrade many different models of PCs and Laptops.

Virus Removal

Your machine will run like new with our Virus Removal Service.

Windows and Mac Repair

We troubleshoot and fix problems with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Data Recovery

CDM has data recovery services to assist in getting your important files back to you.

Networking Support 

All of your networking needs and services are available at CDM!

Web Development

CDM can help you get your personal site or business up and running online with a custom page just for you.

Computer Security 

CDM offers classes and software to help you be more secure in today's digital age.

Business IT Services

CDM offers IT services to help your business thrive and grow.

Welcome to CDM Technologies

Experience the support of a computing company that cares.  At CDM Technologies your experience will go beyond the purchase. We work beside you, to solve your problems and address your needs while clarifying the technology concepts so that you can make good  decisions. So, whether your needs are big or small, complex or basic, CDM should be your choice for technology service and support.

CDM offers computing services that support your business, allowing you to focus on your business: 

 * Managed/Support Services,

 * Networking, 

 * PC Security/Asset Protection and

 * Web Development  and Hosting. 

In addition, CDM is a full service computer parts outlet and can supply computer systems and parts as needed.  No matter your needs CDM can guide you through it all.

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Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment. We have two locations - Cincinnati - 513-377-1679 and Indianapolis - 317-788-7885.

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2017-08-14, 19:11
Love Robin and the gang at CDM Computers. I am an artist that enjoys the benefits of technology but have no desire to know how it works. When I drive a car it needs to start on demand and take me where I want to go. Same with computers. Smart people know to spend their time doing what they love, so why spend hours trying to figure out what's wrong with your computer this week? With Robin's new membership service, whenever I have a problem, she and her team to the rescue. Thank you Robin.