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CINCINNATI, Oh. - Aug. 20, 2014 - The first Camp BYOC was held from July 14 – July 27, 2014.  With 9 students between the ages of 11 and 14, the class completed the program to build their own computer while learning the science of how hardware and software interact and integrate.  The students now have a new computer that they built and knowledge of how and why it works.  The class was held at CDM Computers in the Tri-County area of Cincinnati, Ohio.


The students were highly energized and participative every day as we journeyed each day into a different aspect of hardware and/or software.  “The goal was two weeks of practical learning using a format that was fun, entertaining and educational” says Robin Walker, President of CDM Computers.  We achieved that goal and many of the students expressed interest in coming back next year.  Many companies supported this initiative participating as teachers and guest speakers sharing knowledge and insights. 


Father Trevor R. Babb+, Rector of St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church expresses it this way.  “BYOC 2014 was a camp that provided an outlet for young boys and girls to explore technology in a way that gave them hands-on experience.  While all of them had diverse skills about the operation of a computer, they were introduced to the functioning of each component part and the assembly of these component parts to make a computer work efficiently.  It was the excitement, creativity, curiosity and accomplishment of each youth that made the program transformative and equipped them with a life skill. St. Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church and The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio endorsed the vision of BYOC because it spoke with clarity to a generation immersed in the Technological/Knowledge age and made them more proficient in the understanding of a tool they use daily. Thanks to Ms. Robin Walker and CDM Computers for this vision and for inviting us to be an integral part.”


One of the students, Alex Rodriguez, said “I never dreamed that I would ever build my own computer, but I did! …  My experience at computer camp this summer was a fantastic experience…  I hope that in the future other students will have the opportunity to build their own computers and have fun in CDM Computer Camp like I did.  Computers are part of the world we live in and we need to learn as much as we can about them so that we can to be successful in the technological age.”


CDM Computers is a full service Information Technology company selling computers, laptops, and computer parts.  CDM offers a wide range of support services from basic support to full-scale business network implementations, and website development. CDM also has a location in Indianapolis, IN.


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I received the best in-home service anyone could ask for. All of my questions were answered in a professional manner. I highly recommend.