At CDM, our goal is to always make technology accessible and streamlined for our customers. Though we can help you with your computer in countless ways, we can’t look over your shoulder while you’re at home and have a question. If you need our help, stop in or call! But in the meantime, check out these ten tips to make using your computer easier!

  1.     To find something on a web page or document without scrolling through the entire thing, hit control + F on PC or command + F on Mac and type in the phrase. Try it on this article! Type the find function for your device and type in “password” to find advice on choosing a strong password.
  2.     If you’re reading a webpage, press the spacebar to scroll down, and press shift + spacebar to scroll back up.
  3.     If you’re searching for flights or hotels online, try using Incognito mode on Google Chrome. This mode prevents websites from collecting data or cookies. That way, companies cannot see if you’ve viewed their flights before- if they know you’re interested, they will raise the prices you’re offered!
  4.     To create an especially secure password, use non-English characters on your keyboard, such as ñ or ø. (On PC: type “control + ~ + n” for ñ and “alt + 0248” for ø. On Mac, type “option + n” for ñ and “option + o” for ø)
  5.     If you’re drafting a long email, essay, or another piece of writing and need to proofread it, copy and paste the text in Google Translate or another translation tool. Then, click the speaker button to hear the text read aloud, making it easier to find any mistakes.
  6.     Are you doing research and want to find only reputable sources? Try using instead of just! Google Scholar only shows credible sources written by experts!
  7.     If you want to add emphasis to a piece of writing, press control + i to write in italics, control + u to write underlined, and control + B to write in bold (replace “control” with “command” if on Mac).
  8.     If you’re writing an important email, write the text of the email before you add a recipient! That way, you avoid sending it too early or to the wrong person.
  9.     To quickly find the dictionary definition of a word, type “define: [your word]” into Google for an instant definition!
  10.  If you accidentally closed a webpage tab too quickly, you can easily re-open it by pressing control + shift + T on PC or command + shift + T on Mac.

Whether you use your computer solely for personal use, or if it’s an integral part of your business, understanding how to use it properly is paramount. Lucky for you, we’re always here to help!

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