Rachael Chatham

Rachael Chatham

Wednesday, 07 August 2019 14:33

Scammers are on the Rise!

Scammers are on the Rise!

Clients have been coming in non-stop lately for scams. Scammers have adopted new methods to steal your information, such as posing as big-name tech companies, posing as charities, and much more. 

We even had a customer who was paying for what he thought was virus and scam protection, but he was paying to have his computer hacked! 

Far too many of our customers have fallen for these scams, and unfortunately, left their computers open for more fraud to occur. We can clean these machines and get them working safely again in almost no time.   

Never give someone money over the phone or online without ensuring they are a valid company or nonprofit! 

CDM offers training and information to our members to help protect them as well. Don't fall for scammers! Let us help protect you and teach you tips and tricks to stay protected. 

What’s new: Us!

We have a new look! Instead of CDM Computers, we will soon be known as Technology Tailored Made! Our new brand is a reflection of the work we do, tailoring our services to you!

We also want to make it clear that we can help you with more than just computer repair. We can service tablets and Ipads as well as PCs, laptops, and Macs. Not only are we able to do your repairs, but we can help you out with a vast array of services.

These services can be customized to fit all of your needs. Have you joined our service membership program yet? It’s a great way to keep your devices running smoothly!

We may have a new brand, but we still have the same great service! Also, be on the lookout for future newsletters about events and promotions we will be running, like our Father's Day Campaign!

Wednesday, 07 August 2019 14:30

Technology can Ease Loneliness

Most of the articles related to seniors and technology focus on the technology divide between the Boomer and Millennial generations. Rarely do we mention how technology has benefited not only seniors, but also the relationships between different generations.
We now have access to technology that connects the world in a way like never before. The ability to call someone at any time, video chat, post photos or instantly send videos instead of mailing them. The list never ends.
One of the main issues seniors deal with is loneliness. Blackage is a nonprofit in Cincinnati that focuses on senior care. Their program, Wisdom Behind the Walls brings seniors out to reconnect to the communities they were once active in.
Blackage states that loneliness can cause “generally decreased feeling of vitality, less energy…, greater likelihood of mental health illnesses, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc., and more frequent bouts of sickness, such as colds or flu, and longer recovery times.”
Technology is another method for seniors to negate loneliness. The benefits of technology, especially social media for seniors are endless.
According to a study from NCBI, “Higher social technology use was associated with better self-rated health, fewer chronic illnesses, higher subjective well-being, and fewer depressive symptoms.”

So, consider creating a social media account if you haven’t already. Consider updating to a smart phone so you can video chat loved ones and receive videos from your family. CDM Technologies is always here to help!

Have a blessed day!